Standards of Musical Achievement

The Standards of Musical Achievement helps accelerate student’s current knowledge alongside what they have either taught themselves or learned at school. This is a great option for any student who wishes to work on foundational skills, build upon current skills, and master new skills.

These are some examples of what is included in these lessons:

  • Personally tailored lessons for each student
  • Teach foundational skills. Included are scales, technique and music theory.
  • Introduction to new musical genres and styles
  • Developing music appreciation
  • Learning music theory and how music is structured
  • Discovering a students musical voice through expression and musicality
  • Preparing for auditions, performances, and working on general stage presence
  • Finding a passion and all around enjoyment of music
  • Flexibility in scheduling

The SoMA program develops musicianship at the pace of each learner to ensure that each milestone is met successfully. The program also complements the public school music curriculum to develop each student’s academic success. Included in the SoMA program are 2 studio recitals a year, and 3 performance master classes on week 8 of semesters 2, 3, and 4. The performance master classes are a vital component to a well rounded music program. This allows students to experience and practice performing for their peers while receiving positive feedback from a master teacher.At the conclusion of the master class performance, the student is awarded a certificate of merit from The Music Loft.

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Tuition Overview

30 minute lessons: $180
45 minute lessons: $275
60 minute lessons: $360

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