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Veritas Instrument Rental (VIR)

Would you like to rent your instrument from the comfort of your own home? You can choose the brand that best suits your needs with The Music Loft and Veritas Instrument Rental. Rent From Home provides two convenient options. You can pick up the instrument at The Music Loft with no wait time or we will deliver your instrument to your doorstep at no cost to you.

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Rental Rates

All rental rates are on a monthly basis. Insurance and tax are included in the displayed rate.

Encore Strings

The Music Loft is excited to announce its partnership with Encore Strings, a local strings shop conveniently located in Herndon, VA. Encore Strings is Fairfax County’s most convenient strings shop. They offer free, contactless delivery and pickup at your child’s school, and professional setup for maximum comfort and sound. Every rental supports Northern Virginia’s local music programs.

Each of Encore’s instruments are professionally set up in the U.S. and adjusted to the millimeter by their highly skilled luthiers, ensuring the instrument stays in tune, is comfortable, and produces a smooth silky sound.


  • The Music Loft is an affiliate of Veritas Instrument Rental (VIR). We rent VIR’s high quality student line instruments. All of the instruments are director approved brand names so you can be assured that you are getting a solid instrument for your student. The program is a great way to see if your student likes an instrument without laying out hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for a student line instrument. You can come to the Music Loft in Herndon or use our convenient Rent From Home option which delivers your instrument straight to your doorstep for no extra cost. Each month your base rent from the instrument is credited to your account. Most rental companies only offer 12 months of full rental credit, but we offer up to 24 months in credit so when you are ready to make a decision on purchasing an instrument you may do so and use your credit for either the current instrument you are renting or a new instrument.

  • Yes! All of the instruments are rent to own. Each instrument rental rate is calculated by the base rent, insurance and VA state sales tax. The base rent is what is credited to your account every month so if you would like to purchase an instrument you may do so and use your credit for either the current instrument you are renting or a new instrument. VIR offers early payoff incentives in addition to applied rent credit.

  • All instruments are rented on a month to month contract and you may return the instrument at any time.

  • There are no hidden insurance fees or increased rental rate after the initial 3 months. We tell you what your exact cost will be from day one.

  • Your small monthly insurance fee covers most repairs. It does not cover strings for violin, viola, and cello. If your instrument has been stolen you will need a police report and VIR will work with you.

  • All student line instruments, step up and advanced instruments are director approved. The instruments are name brands that have been trusted for years.

  • Bring your instrument to The Music Loft in Herndon and if it is an easy fix we can repair it on the spot at no cost to you. Your insurance covers most repairs. If your instrument needs a little more care, we will send it to Veritas instrument Rental for repair and provide you with a loaner instrument so you never miss a down beat.

  • Yes, however we only recommend necessary equipment & accessories and we do not upsell you. Please download our free guide on “Everything you need to know about making an informed decision on instrument rentals. It contains valuable information along with necessary accessories for each instrument.

  • Stringed instruments (violin, viola, and cello) require the student to be measured in person by one of our specialists. No appointment necessary. Woodwind and brass instruments do not require the student to be measured as they are one size fits all. We always like to meet the student and see the excitement on their faces when they rent their first instrument. We also go over basic handling of each instrument along with some tips to get started.

  • All instruments may be returned to The Music Loft 1141 Elden St Suite 212, Herndon, VA. Please check our hours of operation.

  • DO NOT purchase an instrument on the internet. If you do, you are setting your child up for failure. These instruments are made with low quality materials that make it impossible to produce a good sound, cannot be repaired and are generally unplayable. If you are not sure about the quality of an instrument you are considering….ASK a professional. We cannot stress enough that there is no such thing as a good cheap instrument. The internet can make an instrument look great, but the quality is poor and not fixable or playable.

Download this FREE GUIDE on
“Everything you need to know to make an informed decision”
on instrument rentals.

Download “Everything you need to know to make an informed decision”

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