The Music Loft brings a fun musical experience to 2nd through 6th graders at local elementary schools as part of afterschool programs.

Percussion Works is a program designed to enhance academic performance in the classroom while building important interdisciplinary skills such as fine and gross motor skills, cognitive, verbal and math skills and working cooperatively in a group setting. Second through fourth grade students learn movement and rhythm along with the basics of bucket drumming. They learn basic percussive rhythms, reading and understanding music notation which will include unique bucket drumming notation. The students drum to fun songs like “Footloose”, “Happy” and “Pompeii”.

NoVa Performing Youth Ensembles

NoVa Performing Youth Ensembles mission is to provide all middle and high school students regardless of financial status the opportunity to participate in high caliber ensemble settings in the Northern Virginia area.

Northern Virginia boasts a diverse population of cultures and socioeconomic statuses. Many area youth ensembles are cost-prohibitive and cater to a select few. NoVa PYE is one of the first ensembles in the area that is an inclusive ensemble.

We welcome all musicians to experience and learn about music in a high caliber, nurturing, stress-free environment regardless of financial status or musical expertise. The ensemble meets students where they are musically and it inspires, challenges, and instills a sense of community.

By bringing together Northern Virginia’s diverse community, the ensemble will increase and facilitate cultural harmony by engaging students through a unifying thread, music. The program will include hosting guest artists and conductors from universities, provide master classes with professional musicians, and conduct sectional work with some of the most reputable educators in the area.

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Play it Forward
Instrument Donation Drive

Play It Forward is an instrument donation program that collects pre-owned instruments which are refurbished and distributed to local Herndon schools. The instrument donation drive runs throughout the year. We have donated over 75 instruments as of 2020.

Community Outreach

While music is readily available to us all there are people in our area who cannot go out to concerts, and do not have opportunities to see and hear young musicians.

The Music Loft coordinates “outreach concerts” at local senior citizen residences and nursing homes as a way to give back to the community. The audiences are immensely appreciative, and this is a wonderful way to give our students performing experience as well as experiencing the joy of sharing their gifts with others.

Fairfax & Loudon County
Music Education Support

Public school music teachers have classrooms that are bursting with students and yet every year those teachers manage to create some of the best concerts with these young musicians.

The Music Loft staff have the pleasure of assisting music directors in the classroom by providing sectional help and support whenever they are called upon to do so.

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