Sacred Music Studies

TML Online faculty member Mrs. Brittany Christian

We introduce students to the rich hymn texts and classical music tradition of the Christian faith, exploring their beauty, power, complexity, and ultimately their spiritual capacity to transform human lives and our entire world.

Our sacred music program focuses on developing your skills for serving as a leader in Christian ministry in the local church or in whatever setting God leads you. Take your playing, improvisation or conducting to the next level.

Our students, both lay and vocational, are valued and respected for their passion in music ministry. Here, you will find a diverse conservative online community of students that share this passion, as well as a body of respected faculty who diligently partner with you in developing your God-given potential. Our former students now serve in large and small music ministries across the nation and as conservative Christian artists within the music industry, while also participating in church music leadership throughout the world.

Are you a lay person preparing for sacred music ministry or already a vocational church music minister looking to take your skills to the next level? Deepen your knowledge and broaden your skill set with us. Perhaps you are a Christian music educator, church pianist or organist, music director, orchestral musician, or a Christian homemaker or adult hobbyist who loves to play hymns for yourself and your family. TML Online is for you. Our traditional, time-honored classical approach combined with innovative technology and cutting-edge instruction, produces sacred musicians of the highest caliber.

Sacred music is among the most powerful forces in our world today. If you are interested in a philosophically and historically robust Biblical worldview, this is the place to be. Our Christian faculty are published composers, arrangers, ordained ministers, and active church musicians.

Lean on the lifetime wisdom of our sacred music teaching professionals in an accelerated learning environment. Imagine applying these skills immediately in your ministry!

Are you currently serving as a music minister? Sacred music leadership requires well-grounded theological and musical understanding. As Christians, we are ministers first and musicians second. Learn to responsibly apply timeless Biblical truth to today’s music ministry in an online environment where the finest Christian music based on the Western classical tradition is valued and nurtured.

Interpreting the current cultural environment and leading with Biblical and theological integrity is as important for the minister of music as it is for the pastor. Explore current trends in sacred music and study their influence on the Church at large. Learn about the many historic facets of time-honored sacred music in a meaningful, authentic, Biblically based dialogue.

All our programs offer exceptional learning experiences to online students. Let us create a tailor-made program just for you!

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