Private Lessons

Private, one-on-one teaching is the catalyst fostering an individualized set of uniquely customized character traits and skills that prepare students for life.

It is the backbone of music study around the world.

Learning music is a lifelong process. The best way to explore the language of music is with the help of a qualified and experienced teacher. We offer private lessons for all ages and abilities including, beginners, intermediate,  pre-college students and lessons for adults who are interested in learning a new instrument or revisiting an old friend.

The pursuit of excellence through personal musical growth is a positive transformative experience. Benefits of music study include commitment, confidence, problem solving and critical thinking, discipline, determination, self-expression, personal enrichment, and inspiration. Our purpose in teaching is the success of our students. We want you to reach your full personal and musical potential.

Creative teaching is borne of spontaneity stemming from the music itself. Students become independent learners through the nurturing of originality, artistry and insight. Our lessons are collaborative between teacher and student, encompassing musical, technical, theoretical, and historical breadth. The mastery of the teacher and the willingness of the student are the most vital elements in this equation.

Tuition Overview

30 minute lessons: $180
45 minute lessons: $275
60 minute lessons: $360

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