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Our online classes and webinars are incomparable in providing engaging and enlightening experiences for all. When you learn from our professionals—people who have a lifetime of university and precollege teaching experience—you will gain access to wisdom you cannot find anywhere else.

Read on to find out about exciting youth programs and our featured online classes for adults!

Fall 2020 Evening Online Classes

Make the most of our surprisingly accessible and remarkably affordable online mini-courses!

September 21–October 16

Practice Makes Perfect?

Mondays at 7-7:30pm EST
Cost: $79
A string player’s guide to lasting progress in daily practice:
• Getting Started: Warm-Up Routine and Equipment
• Bare Bones: Identifying and Isolating Problem Spots
• Mastering Rhythms and Gaining Speed
• Memorization: Make it Stick
Led by Jonathan Simmons
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Hymn Improvisation Made Simple

Tuesdays at 7-7:30pm EST
Cost: $79
Discover practical techniques to enhance and improve your ability to accompany congregational singing.
Led by Duane Ream
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You Can Uke!

Thursdays at 7-7:30pm
Cost: $79
Learn to play ukulele in this class perfect for beginners of all ages, youth through adult.
Led by Dr. Karen Kuehmann
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October 19–November 13

Brass Bootcamp

Join Dr. Evan Duke “live” online Monday evenings at 7pm Eastern!
Ages 14 and up
Cost: $79

You spend months practicing for a major performance. When the day arrives, many things go well, but the results are far from perfect, and a sense of falling short settles into your thinking. Although you practiced and did everything right, why were you unsuccessful?

The problem may not be in performance preparation, but rather, technical maintenance.

This course will provide a framework for developing a solid technical regimen that incorporates the fundamentals of trumpet play—whether in a full practice session utilizing the entire routine or on a rehearsal day using an abbreviated routine. Fundamentals that we will cover include:

• Flow studies (utilizing air attacks)
• Intervals (slurred and tongued)
• Multiple tonguing drills
• Lip flexibility drills
• Fingering drills

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover Dr. Duke’s personal technical approach that has enabled his professional mastery as a consistent trumpet performer!

Led by Dr. Evan Duke
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Practical Theory for Musicians

Tuesdays at 7-7:30pm EST
Cost: $79
An introduction and review of basic theory for practicing musicians, including basic acoustics, pitch notation, clefs, rhythmic notation, meter, scales, key signatures, intervals, and chords.
Led by Dr. Mark Parker
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Exploring Lyricism: Crafting Beautiful Phrases

Join Dr. Carol Baskins “live” online Thursday evenings at 7pm Eastern!
Cost: $79

Explore the art of phrasing with Dr. Carol Baskins. This online class is perfect for intermediate to advanced pianists. Be inspired as Dr. Baskins shares the secrets to crafting stunningly beautiful phrasing and understanding its musical architecture.

See the music beyond the notes, addressing:
• Dynamic pacing and phrasing
• Voicing
• Tone Production
• Musical Interpretation

Experience the difference that the beauties of lyricism can make in your playing!

Led by Dr. Carol A. Baskins
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